Here at Agapanthus Interiors we are a stockist of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ for the Greater Manchester area. The paint is easy to use with no preparation needed before starting to paint. No prep-no priming and even no undercoating, so it’s easy to get a piece started and completed in less than a day! This paint is in a two part system, after painting you apply wax or lacquer, which helps to seal and protect the paint. When using the paint it takes around 2 hours to dry after this can you then think about applying the wax or lacquer.     When applying the wax make sure you apply a thin coat of wax over your painted surface with an Annie Sloan Wax Brush™. Work in small areas at a time, wiping off any excess wax with a clean cloth. For a distressed look, sand back to reveal a little of… Read more »

Posted on November 16th, 2017

The Braderie De Lille is a annual street market that takes place over the first weekend in September in Lille ,France. This event has been a tradition since the 12th century and was dedicated to servants selling their masters’ castoff goods. It has now evolved into a larger gathering of sellers with a strong focus on moules-frites – which our team certainly enjoyed! The Agapanthus team crossed The Channel and began a 2 day buying frenzy. Here are some pictures of the items we picked up over the weekend.    

Posted on September 7th, 2017

Roost Heaton Moor   Roost Heaton Moor is a casual restaurant with fresh rotisserie chicken, wood fired pizza and has a host of craft beer on the menu. Roost was transformed from the fine dining restaurant Damson.  Working with the client the brief was to rebrand the business into a family friendly experience and casual fine experience which people would return to time and time again. The Agapanthus Interiors team were called in to re-structure, re-invent and also re-brand the space which is at the heart of Heaton Moor. Completed in three weeks the business was transformed. Our team designed a new layout, along with a lengthen bar area and built a whole new wood fired pizza oven and pizza bar situated at the back. Agapanthus acted as design, procurement, supply and fit out and the results were fantastic. There are touches of Agapanthus all across the restaurant. The lighting consists of… Read more »

Posted on April 5th, 2017

At Agapanthus Interiors we love creating unique lighting designs for each individual customer. Our most popular and customisable lights are our Waterfall Chandeliers. Each chandelier is made from an antique brass frame and adorned with glass teardrops. The glass drops are a mix of old and new; we have some handmade so we can offer a wider range of colours. These chandeliers are impactful even when unlit. They can be perfectly tie in all the accent colours in a room and work well to mirror stained glass in feature windows. We have also provided these bespoke chandeliers for restaurants, shops and hotels. Here is a stunning example of one of our chandeliers in Seaham Hall, County Durham.  Here are a couple of examples of possible colour combinations on a simple sleek brass frame and an decorative ornate one.   The glass drops are available in different shades of blue, yellow, amber, green,… Read more »

Posted on September 18th, 2016

The Gasworks brew bar The Gasworks brew bar is located next to HOME in Manchester, For the Gasworks painting project our brief was to create a well worn rusted metal hull with added bolts to enhance the effect. We used a mixture of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ™and waxes to create both colour and texture. The colours we used are -Burgundy -Barcelona Orange -Louis Blue -Paris Grey   When using these paint we also used the Annie sloan paintbrushes, these are just a bristle brushes what are useful to use when working with this Annie Sloan chalk paint. They can hold a lot of paint and also there split ends which help to paint expressively.     This project brought some difficult task we had to overcome, for example we had to use newspaper to dab on the paint to give the effect that it is rusting away, As if… Read more »

Posted on September 15th, 2016

Raku pottery dates back to 16th century Japan where it was traditionally used in tea ceremonies. The creation process involves lots of different stages, all of which influence the textured irregular finish. This makes each piece completely unique, tactile and organic in feel. Agapanthus Interiors has long been an appreciator of raku ware and on a recent adventure to the village of Dagbellen near to Yalikavak in Turkey, we came across the stunning work of Tevfik Türen Karagözoğlu.   Up in the Mountains amongst lemon groves and aloe trees is Tevfik’s workshop. Against a scenic backdrop bathed in sunlight, he creates a range of work from understated elegant works of art to more playful pieces, all of which sit well in the modern stylish home.       Luckily we had some suitcase space… here is a small selection from the Agapanthus range of our favourite pieces. Go to our Homewares page for our full… Read more »

Posted on August 9th, 2016

instant collection of antique and found objects

Here at Agapanthus we’ve been collecting and displaying some lovely vintage pieces – it’s a brilliant way to give your home a strong sense of personality. By hanging an eclectic selection of art and mirrors, you can soften up an overly coordinated interior by adding interest with a layered arrangement of wall art. We’ve pinned a whole array of ideas for gallery wall design for your home over at Pinterest and we’ve got lots of great art, vintage signage and mirrors available for purchase in our shop, should you fancy beginning a collection of your own. But as finding that perfect balance between mismatch and coordination can be hard, we have created some beautifully curated collections of found objects and antiques to save you the time and trouble of endless hunting. Created from various treasures and findings that we have sourced upon our travels, these enormously characterful pieces coordinate perfectly to make an… Read more »

Posted on June 23rd, 2016

We frequently come across beautiful old objects and face the same question again and again. What will I do with them? Modern living often isn’t compatible with hoarding so instead of abandoning items to landfill, we try to think of ways to repurpose them. In this post we’ve turned our attention to vintage suitcases and drawers. Both are evocative of previous lives, travels and tales of treasured items now consigned to history. What better things to repurpose.   Incorporate cases into purpose built shelving for the ultimate feature wall or use them more simply as individual items, hiding all manner of paraphernalia. Drawers lend themselves to the same treatment when it comes to repurposing. Simply mounting them on the wall creates a whole new perspective, or alternatively, creating a shell around your favourite eclectic mix of drawers transforms their appearance.   Take a peek at our Pinterest board to see what other… Read more »

Posted on April 20th, 2016

antique and vintage lighting by Agapanthus Interiors

The trend of clustered lighting was formerly the preserve of commercial interiors, with high end hotels, bars and restaurants using the bold effect of grouping multiples of pendants as a focal feature. With home owners now becoming more confident at experimenting with statement looks, it is something we see cropping up a lot more often in domestic settings.   An easy way to get the look is to invest in a set of matching shades in a multiple of odd numbers (three or five tends to work best). Although it is quite rare to come across matching sets of antique or vintage lighting, we have one of the largest collections of lighting in the North West and have a wide range of pendant shades in stock and several available in multiples. From vintage Murano spherical opaque glass shades with varying decorative details that would look incredible in a staggered grouping… Read more »

Posted on March 8th, 2016